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HOW WE WORK: 4 simple steps


First contact

  • We present our company,  expertise and capabilities, as well as general conditions.

  • You present your project, specific needs and constraints, particularly in terms of timing, so we can take them into account. We need to gather all the information to provide a detailed quotation.

  • All our conversations are strictly confidential, including for this first step.

  • According to our exchange, we determine together wether EphyX is in position to provide relevant data for your project. If so, we go to step 2.

Dans une réunion


We provide a plan

  • This step requires 24-72h depending on the complexity of the project.

  • We provide a detailed quotation including deadlines, cost and justified, clear series of protocols and assays to best match your specific needs.

  • In some cases, we can perform "free sample" recordings to demonstrate our capabilities regarding specific protocols.

  • Depending on the lenght of each project, we agree on a type of contract (fee for service, FTE, hybrid etc.).

  • When several experiment types are necessary, clearly defined milestones allow you to change the course of action according to your own evolving constraints.



We perform the experiments

  • All the recordings and the preparations are performed by highly qualified electrophysiologists, all experiementers have a PhD in that field.

  • All our equipment is state of the art and fully adapted to the experiments we propose.

  • All data is stored in a secured maner and made available at any time to demonstrate progress. 

  • Data is analyzed in order to provide a clear answer to your hypothesis, and we use justified and suitable statistical analyses.



Report and follow-up

  • Reports include an introduction, detailed methods  and results sections as well as suggestions for interpretation and future experiements. 

  • The reports come with all data, including analysis files with details on statistical approach. Raw data is sent on a portable hard-drive upon request.

  • You want to ensure your satisfaction, you can always come back to us for any question, clarification, or advice.

  • For short (<1 month-long) contracts, payment is due only after the final report is received. For longer contracts, an advance payment may be required depending on the particulars of each projects.


The managing team

President & CSO

Txomin obtained his PhD in neurobiology specialized in in vitro electrophysiology at McGill University (Canada) in Prof. Jesper Sjöström laboratory, where he developped key expertise in multuple whole-cell recordings and 2-photon microscopy.

He then pursued a postdoctoral training under the guidance of Prof. Bernhard Bettler at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and Co-founded EphyX Neuroscience with the goal to optimize CNS-related pharmaceutical development. 

Txomin Lalanne, PhD
General Manager

​Lauriane Beliez obtained her PhD at the University of Bordeaux (France) in Dr. Cazalet laboratory. She specialized in spinal cord in vitro recordings studying the interactions between spinal motor networks using mostly patch-clamp and sharp recordings.


She then pursued a high level business management training. In 2018 She co-founded EphyX Neuroscience, applying her complementary skills to the benefit of the company and its clients.

Lauriane Beliez, PhD

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