A vast panel of possibilities


Whole-cell recordings allow a precise measurement of a single cell electrical activity by detecting sub-millisecond variations in membrane potential

  • Extremely precise data on single cell physiology.

  • It can be used in any brain or spinal cord structure and allows targeted recordings of specific cell types.

  • Allow targeted pre or post synaptic manipulations specifically.

  • Essential when studying the mechanisms of action and pharmacokinetics of a compound.



Extracellular recordings

Field recordings are used to extracellularly record the activity of a population of neurons, or field potentials.

  • An acute slice is highly physiological with intact, functioning circuits.

  • Localized neuronal populations are recorded simultaneously in a given slice.

  • Faster than patch-clamp, allows for a quick screening of several compounds or doses at mid-throughput data production.


Other approaches

Our capabilities include histology/immunochemistry and pharmacology as well as optogenetics combined with electrophysiology. Manipulations can be extracellular or intracellular (when using patch-clamp).


Depending on the context, we can perform recordings on specific transgenic animal models and employ acute or chronic compound exposition.

We provide a direct access, via a unique contract with EphyX Neuroscience, to in vivo electrophysiology as well as behavioral assays performed by our partners.