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In vivo approaches

We have arranged key partnerships with young and innovative companies that provide in vivo complementary services focused on electrophysiology. Together we cover a wide range of possible approaches applicable to different stages of your compound's development.

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Trusted and expert partners

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Efficient collaborations

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Technical complementarity

High-throughput Zebrafish EEG

Our preferred partner, Zefit, offers an innovative and unique EEG method for fast -screening of candidate compounds in CNS-related studies. 

  • Recordings of EEG signals in vivo using proprietary method.

  • Fast screening, with up to 1000 test/month.


  • Highly relevant zebrafish models of CNS pathologies/conditions.

  • Highly qualified and expert team with state of the art equipment.

Rodent in vivo recordings and behavior

We partner with an on-site innovative company, AQUINEURO, providing state of the art in vivo recordings and behavioral analysis. 

  • Recordings can be done in anesthetized or freely-moving animals.

  • After implantation of the recording electrodes, single and multi-units recordings can be performed.


  • Top-quality behavioral testings and analysis are also available.

  • All experiments are designed and performed by experts in the field.

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